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  • A tip on tipping

    Although tipping is not a legal necessity, it’s vital to the worker and very important for the well-being of society. Too many Americans don’t know the effect that tipping has on waiters and waitresses, especially those working below the minimum wage. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 164

  • Chipotle is the new McDonald’s

    For six decades, Americans have associated quick dining with the taste of a quarter-pounder or a bag of fries from a drive-thru. In 2016, people are trading traditional fast food for a salad, burrito bowl or burger cooked on site. The trend of “fast casual” chains, promising fresher and more varied foods, continues to grow with restaurants such as Chipotle and Panera Bread. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 133

  • Legacy of Latin

    Gas was $1. Ronald Reagan was president, hairspray and break dancing were all the rage. While so much has changed since the mid-1980s, one thing has remained constant: Each year all the seniors in Latin IV decorate a chalkboard to broadcast where they are going to college.

    The process of making the elaborate board starts in the beginning of the fourth marking period as students create a grid of boxes on the board in the back of room 254, followed by each student getting assigned to a box where they can fill in their college logo.

    Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 161

  • Staffers get a workout at the Y

    Dancing with the elderly. Zumba with working moms. CrossFit with intense athletes. Last Thursday, two staffers tried it all in an action-filled morning at the Westfield YMCA. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 242

  • Sensational smoothies

    Looking for a healthy way to kick off your day? Try a fruit smoothie.

    If you know me, you know that I have a smoothie cup in my hand every day at school. I admit, I am a little obsessed. My family has invested in no fewer than three Ninja blenders. But if you are not a smoothie addict like me, these recipes and techniques might inspire you to give them a try. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 301

  • Senior Projects: Choosing your own unique curriculum

    The Senior Project is a WHS tradition at the end of the year in which seniors choose almost anything to do a project on for English class. While this is a fun way to end senior year, the purpose of this project is to do something that a WHS class could not provide for a student. The goal for seniors is to develop a new skill while using research in one form or another. From hiking projects to surfing lessons, turning a puppy into a therapy dog and learning how to cook, seniors have taken this project in all different directions. Here are some cool ones that seniors are working on right now. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 187

  • Promposals hit the big time

    Skydiving. Fireworks. Goats. Whether it is simply writing “Prom?” on a poster or going to extraordinary measures, everyone wants to find the best way to ask someone to prom. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 265

  • Looking back at WHS

    Everyone has their own ideas about senior year. Some think it’ll be a breeze, some dread having to think about choosing a college and some just want to skip everything and jump right to graduation. There’s no denying that senior year comes with heavy expectations: prom, senioritis, assassin, Senior Project, senioritis, Decision Day and did I say senioritis? But what people don’t expect and what surprised me most, was the weird emotional limbo that comes with being a senior. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 223

  • Kindness blooms

    Each day, we pass by hundreds of strangers without ever interacting with them. These people live vivid and intricate lives, in which we might only appear for a moment. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 249

  • Meeting the furriest friends of downtown Westfield

    During our day in Westfield, we not only met a bunch of new people, but we made new paw pals as well. These dogs stole our hearts not only with their adorable faces, but with their spunky personalities. Check them out and what they like to do! Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 314

  • Nitroballin': gym or Olympics?

    The latest addition to the list of “sports” that we play in gym has been extended to include the game Nitroball, or as some call it, inverted volleyball. The game, as with any new addition, has some problems, but with just a few minor changes, Nitroball can become one of the units students look forward to for their entire high school careers: Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 229

  • Girls compete for prom dress championship

    As the warm weather approaches, spring sports are now underway and this year, a new school-sanctioned sport has been added to the mix: competitive prom dress shopping. This sport is only open to seniors and while every senior makes the cut, only the best come out on top. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 265