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  • Letters to the Editor: Cell Phone Confiscation

    Letter from sophomore Eve Crandall

    I am writing this about my experiences at school last week. I had my phone confiscated, even though I didn’t violate the phone policy of Westfield High School. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 40

  • Fight for what you believe: a call for civic engagement

    In President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address on Jan. 12, he warned citizens that giving into the idea that they don’t have the ability to change the political system will “forsake a better future.” Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 31

  • ConPHONEscation

    Phones weren’t the only thing buzzing last Wednesday as administrators began to confiscate students’ cell phones for using them in the hallway...or simply holding them. Administrators gave several morning announcements explaining the rules about cell phone use in the hallway, expressing a concern for student safety. However, despite the explanation about the need to keep students safe, many still wondered what exactly brought this on. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 36

  • Staffer Mourns Winter Break

    Although everyone is caught up in New Year’s resolutions and the impending doom of midterms, my year is starting off just as disorganized as the last: The glitter from New Year’s Eve won’t come out of my hair and time is flying faster than the 10-second countdown to the ball-drop. Honestly, I have no clue why we even bother with winter break; I mean, teachers give us tons of work even though most of us choose to ignore it. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 70

  • Top 10 Quotes from Speaker Mykee Fowlin

    Speaker Dr. Michael Fowlin, otherwise known as Mykee, visited WHS on Jan. 21. Hi's Eye collected the top 10 quotes from his performance.

    1. “You’d better know the difference between what you’re supposed to do and what you need to do, or you’ll lose the game.” Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 56

  • A true study PAL

    Study groups. Binders full of notes. Long hauls in the library. As midterms approach, students at WHS prepare to buckle down and study. But there is another resource available—perhaps the school’s best-kept secret. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 27

  • Bowie’s lasting legacy

    You donʼt have to be a die-hard rock and roller, an enthusiast of all things galactic, or even someone who appreciates the unconventional to be profoundly impacted by the late “chameleon artist” himself: David Bowie. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 30

  • Slideshow: Star Wars and the power of costume

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  • Girls ice hockey hopes to hit ice

    Years ago, a ponytail was a rare sighting on the rink at a hockey game. But thanks to some interest from students and parents, the idea of a WHS girls ice hockey team may no longer be so far out of reach. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 30

  • Boys basketball bounces back

    A wild comeback in regulation powered the 19th-ranked boys basketball team to an 86–77 overtime win against No. 14 Union Catholic last Thursday at WHS. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 21

  • Reviving gridiron's golden era

    The brisk chill, the bright lights and the cheers of the fans all contributed to Assistant Varsity Football Coach Owen Brand’s déjà vu moment on Dec. 3. After the state finals victory in 1977, the team lacked on victories for almost 40 years. However, a turn of events with this year’s varsity football team resulted in an undefeated 12–0 record, earning the long-awaited title in the state finals at MetLife Stadium. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 156

  • Waging a turf war

    Due to unsafe conditions on the Aloha Stadium turf field in Honolulu, HI, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team cancelled its game versus Trinidad and Tobago on Dec. 6. Following the field being deemed safe to play on Dec. 3, the players arrived to practice on the pitch, but found that the field had low quality, aged turf splitting at the seems with sharp rocks all over. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 96