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News Briefs

  • Today outside the cafeteria, grab a free copy of today's Hi's Eye and check out our web issue. Comments (0)  |  Hits: 119
  • Today's issue spotlights the art show last week. For background on the Hi's Eye coverage of the show, including full statements from WHS Principal Mr. Peter Renwick and Superintendent Dr. Peg Dolan. Comments (0)  |  Hits: 153
  • AP Exams May the "fourth" be with all those we are taking AP exams.

    May the "fourth" be with all those we are taking AP exams.
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  • Permit Test The permit Test will take place today after school in Caf. B

    The permit Test will take place today after school in Caf. B
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  • SGA Sale The SGA store will have a spring sale this week.

    The SGA store will have a spring sale this week. A
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Popular Articles

  • Standardized tests fail

    American students are well-acquainted with standardized testing. According to, students spend between 9 and 15 hours testing per year.

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  • Stu(dying) for finals

    With finals creeping around the corner, studying is a looming reality. As students, we are forced to remember every minute detail of extremely boring topics across the board, then take a test to show that we truly do understand the carbon cycle. Let’s be real—it’s hard to do. Here are some tips compiled from study sites to help you get through this strenuous process: Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 150

  • Rutgers mascot raises controversy

    Rutgers University’s beloved Scarlet Knight mascot is subject to change due to a bill proposed this spring by Emmet Brennan, a student assembly parliamentarian. Clad in his notorious red attire and big letter “R,” the current mascot appears in costume, wearing an oversized mask with a white male’s features. The suggested bill urges the university to change its mascot to more accurately represent the diverse student population. While Brennan’s intentions are positive, this is not the best approach to tackling the problem.

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  • Letter to the Editor: Student Rights

    I regrettably inform you that your May 21 commentary stated a blatant falsehood. Student journalists Caroline Barry and Hailey Reilly wrote, “Students cannot be punished for their views and in fact, should be encouraged to share them.”

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  • Senior traditions continued

    After a long year of applications and decisions, the WHS Class of 2015 approaches graduation, with a couple of senior (non-school-sanctioned) traditions still to be fulfilled.

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  • Students join the workforce

    With June already upon us, high school students are often asked questions regarding their summer plans, and more specifically, if they have a summer job. Some students at WHS can easily answer these questions. Here is a look at where a few WHS students are working over summer break:

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  • Retirees Recognized

    WHS will say goodbye to three retiring staff members next school year. Mathematics Teacher Mr. George Kapner and School Nurse Ms. Margaret Teitelbaum are retiring after this school year, and English Teacher Ms. Rosemary DiBattista is retiring Oct. 1. They leave behind memories and influences on their students’ lives.

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  • The SEEDs are growing

    Last week marked WHS students’ first participation in the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum. SEED, which stands for Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity, engages community members from all geographic locations, subject areas and grade levels in order to create a “gender fair, multiculturally equitable, socioeconomically aware and globally informed education,” according to

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  • Spring sports look back on their seasons

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  • Staffer comments on FIFA controversy: a call for fair play

    The FIFA World Cup, the biggest sporting spectacle in the world, turned into one of the biggest scandals as of last week, leading some to question if soccer is not only the world’s most popular sport, but also the most corrupt.

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  • Girls softball rallies

    The softball team staged a comeback against New Providence, leading to a 9–5 win in one of its last regular season games on May 19.

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  • From past to present, Blue Devils reach pros Hi’s Eye staffer spolights former 1,000-pointer Boo Bowers

    Recently, the Navy has cleared former WHS soccer player Joe Greenspan to begin playing for the Colorado Rapids, thus postponing his mandatory two-year military service. Greenspan now joins a long list of former Blue Devils who have made it past the collegiate level and gone on to play professionally.

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Staffers defend freedom of expression in artwork



Written by Caroline Barry, Hailey Reilly Wednesday, 20 May 2015 12:27

Last week, the Westfield District Art Show stirred international online debate over the rights of students to voice their opinions through controversial art pieces. Although some viewers were offended by one installment, which depicted images of police brutality, the right of the students to convey their individual beliefs cannot be challenged based on the art’s content.


Read more: Staffers defend freedom of expression in artwork

Video to Editor: Art Controversy



Written by Eric Herber Wednesday, 20 May 2015 21:24

In light of recent controversies junior Aarie Vann sent in a video letter to the editor with his response.

Read more: Video to Editor: Art Controversy

Slideshow: WHS students pose next to their art at the District Art Show



Written by Katharine Gillen Monday, 18 May 2015 15:45

Read more: Slideshow: WHS students pose next to their art at the District Art Show

Distinguished teacher discusses value of art



Written by Alex Campbell Wednesday, 20 May 2015 12:45

Following the recent announcement that she earned the 2015 Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award, Art Teacher Ms. Annora Happe-Conway discussed the recognition and her 22-year career as an art teacher.

Read more: Distinguished teacher discusses value of art


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