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  • A new hope awakens

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a trilogy of movies was released, and it revolutionized science-fiction filmmaking. Then, not so long ago a prequel trilogy was released, and it was a severe letdown. Yet it seems the franchise now has ‘a new hope.’ In November 2013, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was announced and since then, the excitement has only been building toward the Dec. 18 release date. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 23

  • Go Artichokes? Go Banana Slugs?

    Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! These ferocious animals are often the chosen symbols of colleges across the United States, aiming to rally students and intimidate opposing teams. During halftime they not only provide crowds with a sense of empowerment, but also entertainment as they dance alongside cheerleaders and wrestle with rival team mascots.

    But what fun is it to see a cougar mascot fighting an eagle for the hundredth time? There are far more creative mascots to be found among American colleges. These are a few of our favorite halftime heroes! Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 22

  • Teacher free-for-all in Atlantic City?

    While we were all at home sleeping, watching Netflix, eating— and oh yeah— sleeping this past Thursday and Friday, Westfield teachers spent their time at a convention in Atlantic City, NJ. Students are told that teachers go to discuss education. But what really goes down?

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  • New college app raises concerns

    Common App. SATs. Naviance. The college application process is already complicated, and now is only becoming more so.

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  • Nontraditional journeys to higher education

    With college application season underway, consider these nontraditional colleges whose class schedules, grading methods and study abroad programs differ from most universities. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 31

  • College stress goes overboard

    For the majority of WHS seniors, all thoughts of prom, graduation and senioritis have been pushed aside by one daunting task: completing college applications.

    Whether anxiously waiting for acceptances (or worse - rejections), or still tackling the excessive requirements of their applications, most seniors seem to share the stress caused by the college application process.

    But the real work is just getting started. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 30

  • More than cookies: Girls go for 'gold'

    When it comes to Girl Scouts, most teenage girls can recall dropping out of Brownies in elementary school. Yet, for a select few the commitment to the program persists, even as high school students. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 33

  • Dive into fall's festive treats

    Apples, pumpkin and a little bit of spice: Hi's Eye lets you in on the best hot spots to hit up for your fall fix.

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  • Early recruitment changes athletics

    When WHS Athletic Director Ms. Sandra Mamary looked around the room on Signing Day last week, all she could see were her players’ shaky hands as they put pen to paper. On that day, all letters of intent were binding. Read more... Comments (0)  |  Hits: 36

  • Love of the game

    The varsity football team is 8-0 going into its first playoff game this Saturday as the Number 2 seed in North Jersey, Section 2, Group 5. Yet, with all of the recent news about the dangers of football, it seems that the sport is under a lot of scrutiny. We asked what the sport of football means to some of the WHS players who still take to the gridiron each fall:

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  • Gymnasts' decade of dominance

    The WHS gymnastics team’s success continued after a triumph at the Union County Finals meet on Oct. 23, adding to a decade-long winning streak.

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  • Mets fan sees silver lining in Series

    As the 2015 World Series came to a close at Citi Field on Nov. 1, I felt my heart break. Because I was born into a family of diehard Mets fans, it was unavoidable that I was going to become a Mets fan. This made watching the Mets’ loss to the Kansas City Royals much more difficult. It has been a long and painful journey to suffer with the team. However, I could not have been happier that I was able to spend all of October watching the Mets play.

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